About us

I and my daughter Robin, some years ago!

My name is Martina Helly (1962), and I'm originally from Austria. It's my daughter Robin and I that have the big interests in the NORWEGIAN FOREST CATS, who has resulted in S*Svartträsket's cattery.

The whole thing began 1996 as a friend wanted to sell her forest cat female. I had decide that I would not buy a cat, because of that I only lived for my dogs, and I thought that there were only room for dogs in my life. But after a little discussion we decided to try. That was a decision that I NEVER have REGRET!

The cat we bought was S*Hästhagens Siri. She never became a breedingfemale in our cattery. So instead S*Frostnattens Angel Heart came in, in our family, and after that our family has just grown and grown!

My family doesn't only consist of cats, but even my children.
Robin , who is part owner of S*Svartträsket's cattery.
Kevin, who is mostly intrested in computergames.
Kimberly, who also loves the cats.

Our goal is to breed healthy and beautiful cats with a super temperament, after healthy, beautiful and pleasant parents.